About Rang Arafam

Rang arafam Co. Was established in 2006 as a manufacturer decorative, Protective, Marine, Stoving Paint for coat turbines and bridges, Ships Power Station and homes Our Coatings Protectman-Made structures From The Corrosive Forces of nature. Rang arafam Co with Focus on R&D and advanced Production Techniques and Professional Coating To help keep our Customers investment.

Paint Company Arafam

Arafam Color Co., a manufacturer of industrial, marine, building, carriers and protective coatings, including various types of epoxy coatings, polyurethane, anti-corrosion linings, paint furnaces, automobiles and all types of instant paint and especially wood, ethyl silicate, and Implementation of industrial and building floor coverings. Concrete coatings, polyurethane foam, Zinc ethyl silicate primer, primer wax and various antiseptic coatings, refractory paints and specialty groups for floor coverings, blasting and painting.
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    Farahzadi Blvd., Shahrak-e Gharb, Tehran, IRAN
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