Arafam Intumescent Water Based Coating

Properties and Intended Use

Acrylic resin based coatings which contains color pigments and some chemical additives could show an effective protection on heat effect in metal frames. The paint thin larger will expand when it exposes to fire to form a sponge tissue like material. The new foam layer prevents heat transfer to steel frame. Due to the performed thickness, the different heat resistances will be observed in 30,60,90 and 120 minutes. The foam layer formed when the heat of surrounding rises to more than 200°C, consequently the air barriers prevent heat transfer.

Physical Properties

Shade: white – grey
Density (Kg/L): 1.35
Flash point: More than 23°C
Drying time: 30 min
Max recoating time: Min: 4hr (Spray technique)
Min: 1hr (Brush technique)
Volume solid (%): NV=73±3 , VS=68±3
Prerequisite: Epoxy primer

Application data

Weight unit level, wet and dry film thickness for each coating are as follows:

Heat transient test: 2hrs heat transient resistance is observed due to standard
of BS476 (#21)
Shelf life: Min 2hrs

Application Methods

Type size: 0.023” – 0.027”
Air pressure: 50 – 80 psi
Pomp ratio: 1 to 45 or larger
1. Perform two layers by spray technique or four by brush method in 24hrs.
2. Clean the surface carefully before painting.
3. Optimum temperature for operation is more than 5°C and the best humidity
is less than 85%.
4. Follow the operation manual and data sheet to choose the best mid and top coat.
5. Avoid rain exposure before using polyurethane top coat.