Polyamide Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

Properties and Intended Use

The product is a primer for many protective coating systems for structure expose to aggressive environments such as off-shore facilities, petrochemical plants, bridges and power plants.

Physical Properties

Shade: Gray
Gloss: Flat
Density (gr/cm³): 2.2 ± 2
Weight solid (%): 82 ± 2
Volume solid (%): 57 ± 2
Zinc content of the dry film (%): 55 ± 2
Typical thickness: 50-75 microns (DFT)
Theoretical coverage (m²/lit): 10.42 @ 50 micron
Flash point: 14 °C
VOC: 406
Drying time (not exposing):

Application data

Application ambient temperature:
Minimum: 5°C (and 3°C higher than dew point)
Maximum: 40˚C
Relative humidity: 70% max.
Number of components: 2
(Winter grade is available on request)
Mixing ratio (by weight): 100:11.1
Thinner: RAFT-6000
Thinner for cleaning of tools: RAFT-300
Pot life: 8 hrs (@ 23˚C)
Induction time: 30 minutes

Application Methods

Airless spray:
Nozzle orifice: 0.018”-0.021”
Nozzle pressure: 180-300 bar
(Airless spray data are indicative and subject to adjustment)
Brush: for touch up only