Arafam Zinc Rich Ethyl Silicate Primer

Properties and Intended Use

Arafam zinc rich ethyl silicate primer is a primer for many protective coating systems for structure expose to aggressive environments such as off-shore facilities, petrochemical plants, bridges and power plants. It has an excellent chemical resistance with in pH range 5.5 – 9.5 and also offers heat resistant up to 400 ºC. The product is the most proper shop primer before welding and cutting jobs. It is highly recommended to review ARAFAM ’s PROCEDURE #014 (guide to use zinc ethyl silicate paint) before use.

Physical Properties

Shade: Gray
Gloss: Flat
Density (gr/cm³): 2.35 ± 0.05
Weight solid (%): 82 ± 2
Volume solid (%): 50 ± 2
Zinc content of the dry film (%): 79
Typical thickness: 50-75 microns (DFT)
Theoretical coverage (m²/lit): 11.2 @ 50 micron
Flash point: 14 °C
VOC: 405
Drying time (not exposing):
Shelf life: 4 months when stored indoors in unopened original containers at 5-30ºC (cool and dry place)

Application data

Application ambient temperature:
Minimum: 5°C (and 3°C higher than dew point)
Maximum: 30˚C (substrate temperature: 1-35°C)
Relative humidity: 30%-85%
Number of components: 2
Thinner: RAFT-2000
Thinner for cleaning of tools: RAFT-9500
Pot life: 4 hrs (@ 23°C)
Max. recoating time: infinite

Application Methods

Airless spray:
Nozzle orifice: 0.018-0.021”
Nozzle pressure: 180-300 bar
(Airless spray data are indicative and subject to adjustment)
Brush: Brush: for touch up only